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3 Things To Do When You Find Yourself Falling For Someone Other Than Your Partner.

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So you’re attracted to another person that’s not your partner, what next? This article provides answers.

In an ideal situation, getting into a serious relationship will awaken your sense of commitment to your partner but it wont take away your ability to become attracted to other people.


Becoming a Mr. or Mrs. will not make you become immune to the charm of other women or men; and just like single people, your ability to feel drawn to good looking and appealing people will remain intact and alive as ever.


What, then, do you do when you find yourself falling for someone else? What happens when you find yourself becoming attracted to some other woman at work, in church, on your street or in some other space?


So you’re attracted to another man that’s not your boyfriend or husband, what next?


The three tips below will help you if you ever find yourself in this situation.


1. Minimize Contact


This is a no-brainier Attraction feeds of constant contact and regularly visiting the object of desire. Staying away will not automatically get your mind off that person, but it is the first step to ensuring that you do not do something regretful.


You do not want to feed the attraction. You want it to die down, not snowball.


So avoid communication and contact as much as is reasonable.


2. No Comparisons


This won’t help. Drawing comparisons between your new love interest and your existing partner is not an exercise you need. Your partner does not need that, too. And your relationship surely does not need this either.


There’s every likelihood that your partner will lag behind in some areas that the other woman excels at. Making these comparisons will only make you dwell on those things your partner falls short at, and in contrast, it’ll make the other person look more attractive.


You really don’t want to be dwelling on these. It won’t help your resolve to remain committed to your partner.


3. Always Remember your Commitment


In the end, you are in a relationship with someone and you need to respect that.


Constantly reminding yourself of this fact, and all the great things associated with the relationship will help, too.


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